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Welcome to the ORCA Engine User Guide!

The Online Real-time Compatibility Analyzer is a tool for assessing compatible tank mates available to all FishDB.Com users. In all honesty, we have strived to make this tool as simple as possible, and we think we have achieved just that.

How Do you use it?

There are 2 ways to use FishDB's Orca Engine. First, you can check compatibilty with your Virtual Tank as a whole and help decipher any specimen's possible traps or acclimation pitfalls. Second, as you search through the databases on, you will find an ORCA button located on each specimen page.

With the click of a button, you will immediately receive a results page listing the compatibility of that particular specimen with all other groups and specimen in the database. In either case, the results will be broken down into four categories: Generally Safe, Low, Medium and High Risk.

There may also be a 'Recommended' grouping as well. Generally Safe typically indicates groups that are safe with one another. Recommended will go one step further and try to assist you in pairing up specimens that usually do well in groups or typically form relationships in the wild.

For example, the Blue Green Chromis does well in groups, many Gobies and Pistol Shrimp form symbiotic relationships and some Clownfish prefer certain Anemones to others. The ORCA engine will be able to decipher these positive and negative attributes and display helpful results for you to base you decisions on.

We hope this will assists you in becoming a more informed aquarists as well as aid in creating the most harmonious environment in you tank. Remember, ORCA is just a launching pad that can be utilized by both visitors and members alike. However, if you decide to create an account with us for free, you will be given access to the most personal compatibility tool available: our Virtual Tanks.

Thanks again for visiting us at and we hope to continue to bring you the very best in information and usability.

- FishDB.Com Staff