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Decapod - 'dek-u`-pād

Crustaceans characterised as having five pairs of locomotor apendages. In other words, any crustacean possessing ten legs such as a crab.

Dechlorinator - dee-'klowr-in-ay-tor

A chemical agent which is employed to remove harmful chlorine from water to be used in an aquarium.

Denitrator - dee-'nI-treyt-or

A device which removes nitrates from water by means of an water filled chamber harvesting anerobic bacteria.

Denitrification - de-nI-tru-fu-key-shun

The process by which Nitrates(NO3 are broken down and converted into Nitrogen(N)Gas by Anaerobic bacteria. Typically in an Aquarium, this process is achieved by a specialized filtration unit designed as an oxygen-free environment to promote the growth of Anaerobic bacteria. Here the bacteria deoxidizes the Nitrates creating Nitrogen gas, which is then released from the water.

Denitrifier - dee-'nI-tree`-fI-er

Any bacteria which is capable of converting Nitrates(NO3) into Nitrogen Gas(N).

Depigmentation - de-`pig-mun-'tey-shun

The removal or loss of coloration. Typically in reference to corals and bleaching.

Desalination - dee-s`ey-lun'-ey-shun

The removal of dissolved salts from water.

Detritus - di'-trI-tus

The particles of decaying waste from plant and animal matter. This can accumulate in greyish piles within any aquarium harboring lifeforms. It is taken care of by filration devices, siphoning and/or some scavengers.

Diurnal - dI'ur-nl

Describes an animal who prefers to be active during daylight hours.

Dorsal - 'dor-sul

Term refering to the top or what would be the "back" of a fish.

Dorsal Fin - 'dor-sul fin

The fin located in the middle of the "back" of a fish or the fin on top middle of a fish.

Dorsal Spines - 'dor-sul spIns

The appendage(s) contained within the dorsal fin allowing support. Some may be sharp, as well as, poisonous.

Drip - drip

When used in aquaria, drip refers to a method of introducing chemicals or elements into aquarium water. The is achieved over a long duration of time by dripping it into the aquarium slowly. The common technique for dosing Kalkwasser or Limewater.