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The symbol for Ammonia derived from the Periodic Table of Elements.

Nitrate - nI-treyt

Nitrate (NO3)is the last by-product created during the Nitrogen Cycle. Nitrites are broken down by Nitrobacter bacteria and converted into Nitrates. Nitrates are non-toxic and typically harmless to fish at low levels. High levels of Nitrates can inhibit the growth and health of some corals and invertebrates. Nitrates can be held in check via regular water changes or a denitrification unit.

Nitrite - nI-trIt

Nitrite(NO2 is created during the second phase of the Nitrogen Cycle. Once Ammonia is broken down by Nitrosomonas bacteria, the resulting product is Nitrites. While not as harmful as Ammonia, it is still extremely toxic to fish.

Nitrogen Cycle - nI-tru-jun 'sI-kul

The Nitrogen Cycle is the process where waste, i.e. animal excrement, animal decay and uneaten foods, is broken down by bacteria. The first step of the nitrogen cycle is where waste is converted into Ammonia(NH3) by Nitrosomonas bacteria. The resulting product from this process is called Nitrite(NO2). From this point, Nitrobacter bacteria breaks the Nitrites down via oxidation and coverts them into Nitrate(NO3). Anaerobic bacteria is then employed to convert the Nitrates into Nitrogen gas. Most systems do not perform the last step, although it is possible with the proper equipment. Nitrates are typically removed via water changes.


The symbol for Nitrite derived from the Periodic Table of Elements.


The symbol for Nitrate derived from the Periodic Table of Elements.

Nocturnal - nāk'-tur-nl

Describes an animal who prefers to be active during the nighttime hours.