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The symbol for Iodine derived from the Periodic Table of Elements.

Ich - ich

The common word for the disease Ichthyophthirius'>Ichthyophthirius multifillis (freshwater) and/or Cryptocaryonn irritans (marine). aka white-spot or Ick

Ichthyology - `ik-thee'-Ôl-u-jee

The scientific study of all aspects of fish.


Ichthyophthirius multifillis, Ich, is a parasitic protozoan which infects the body, gills and fins of freshwater fish. The symptoms are the formation of raised white spots in the infected areas, as well as, irratic scratching behavior exhibited by the infected fish as they rub their bodies against rocks, substrate and/or aquairum decor. This can prove fatal if left untreated.

Indo-Pacific - in-doh pu'-si-fik

Term used to describe the region of the sea where the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean meet. This area is rich with marine life common in the aquarium trade.

Infauna - en-fon-ah

An all encompassing term used to describe the organisms found within, but not limited to, live rock or live sand.

Iodine - 'I-u`-dIn

Although small in quantity at 0.61 ppm, Iodine is a natural part of seawater and needed for the existance of certain marine life.

Iron - I-urn

Chemical element found in water an essential for the growth of most plants and macroalgae.