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Patch Notes

Server Email Functionality - Mon Mar 03 2014
Server email functionality has been updated. If you previously did not receive an email notification from our servers when trying to register or change you account information, please try again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Backend Server Update - Wed Sep 01 2010
We recently had a backend server update. Initially this caused errors to appear on several pages that depended on a particular type of access protocol. If you happen to see any errors come up on a page or notice a service not acting quite like you would expect, please let us know. We have cleaned up all of the ones we could find, but there may be a few others we have yet to notice. Thanks.

Minor tweak to Virtual Tank Image process - Wed Aug 04 2010
We have adjusted how the back-end process handles submitted Virtual Tank images. This process has been tested and appears to be working as designed. If you have any problems with this new process, please let us know.

Need suggestions - Thu Jun 10 2010
If you have any thoughts on enhancements or changes that we should make to FishDB, please let us know by using our Message Center or send us an Email. We will add your suggestions to our patch list and try and work them all in as soon as we can.

Also if you see any errors or issues, please let us know as well. When notifying us, kindly tell us you operating system and browser version so we may be able to replicate the issue in our test environment.

FishDB Staff

Product Review Submission - Mon Mar 09 2009
Fixed a bug that prevented review submissions. This has been corrected and is working as designed now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Product Reviews are a great way for members to boost their individual posts count and gain a higher Member Rank with increased privileges. So if you have used a particular product let other members know what you think. It helps everyone.

Commentary Submission Error - Sat Jan 10 2009
A error that was occurring during commentary submission and preventing successful completion has been corrected and seems to be working as designed now. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Virtual Tank Event Logs - Sun Jan 04 2009
Corrected some initial errors that were found that affected click responses and destination pages when viewing Virtual Tanks. If you experience any more issues, let us know.

Virtual Tank Event Logs - Sun Jan 04 2009
We have added event logs to all virtual tanks. By default these logs are only viewable by the owner of the Virtual Tank, but they can be made viewable to all members by changing the setting for that particular Virtual Tank. These logs will document when you make any change to your Virtual Tank. Currently only existing events are tracked, but soon we will add user-based events that you can use to log things like water changes, medication dosage and other important events. When a Virtual Tank is paired to your real world tank, we hope that this allows you to back track if problems occur to better diagnose the causes. If you have ideas of any 'user-based' events that you think would be helpful, send us a message.

Mulitple Images for Virtual Tanks - Fri Jan 02 2009
Functionality has been put in place that allows multiple images to be uploaded and assigned to individual virtual tanks. Once you reach certain Member Ranks you will gain access to these new screens. Virtual Tanks with multiple images will display those images on the tank viewing pages. If you have a tank at home to show off, increase you rank and upload away.

Reviews Redesign - Thu Jan 01 2009
The redesign of the reviews section is complete. We restructured the process and have begun populating it with new products. New products will be added as they come in. Your reviews will dictate what products get displayed across FishDB. Higher rated food products will get displayed in the diet section on the appropriate specimen pages that would benefit from it and higher rated medications will get displayed in appropriate Disease/Health pages under the solution sections. If you have used a particular product, take a few seconds and draft up a review.

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